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Kilt Jackets

Kilt jackets and kilts are an important part of Scottish culture and attire. They symbolize power, romance, and drama to the Scottish populations. In fact there is a popular saying, “a man in a kilt is a man and a half.” This saying is popular in Scotland, mostly because in this culture they believe that a man who wears this garment holds extra stature.

The kilt jacket is a very important part of the famous Scottish attire. Kilt jackets are typically worn over a plain white shirt, along with the kilt and its accessories. This garment can range in a palette of neutral colours such as black, navy blue, grey, beige, dark green (forest green or evergreen). Also buttons adorn the arms as well as the closing of the jacket. They were worn by the men and boys of Scotland throughout the 16th century and were worn during sporting events such as the highland games as a sign of respect.

The Prince Charlie is the most formal of all the kilt jackets. The tweed Argyll jackets are a more casual type of a wool jacket. They are very common and can be used in both formal and informal event. They are made from a lightweight tweed material that is perfect for hot weather.

The double jackets are crafted from a velvet material and the more modern jackets are made out of 100% wool and satin lapels that feature epaulettes. The kilt jacket is a very important aspect of Scottish attire and even today it still is a huge part of this countries culture.